Alumni Deep Data Collection  & Analytics

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Data Collection Made Easy!

From college admissions to career choices, we collect and retain your lost alumni information through engaging digital outreach. Alumni data from multiple sources gets captured and stored real-time.

  • Engaging Video from the Institute.
  • Email and Telephonic Outreach.
  • Social Media Screening.
  • Verification and Updation of Captured Profiles. 
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Analyze Alumni Data through 1-Click Reports

Find insightful alumni data in your fingertips and download reports at lightning speed. Access multiple filters to sort the right alumni data to showcase your institute's success. 

  • 15+ Powerful Filters to generate the right alumni data.
  • 35% faster report generation, no matter how detailed.
  • No more hunting for alumni data in archived excel sheets.
  • Just a few clicks, and your alumni data gets segregated! 
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