UG admission offers per student minimum


No. of universities a student applies to

250+ Cr.

Scholarships received (in 4 years)

Case Study

The number of students scoring more than 90% in Class 10 & Class 12 have gone up by almost 5 times in the last decade. Given this, a premier academic institution in the 21st century is judged based on these factors -

Alumni Success

Alumni SuccessWith 1 in 5 Alumni studying at prestigious colleges

Focus on Student’s Future

Focus on Student’s Future With a structured guidance program in place

Holistic Student Development

Holistic Student DevelopmentWith focus on all-round profile building

Pedagogy with a futuristic view

Pedagogy with a futuristic viewThrough application-oriented teaching

It's not the number of 9 and 10 pointers, or the infrastructure or the campus size!

Career Guidance for students is no longer just an option, it is a key differentiator for schools.


Revolutionizing the Way Students Make Career Choices

Our Career guidance system 2.0 looks at career goal setting as a process rather than a one time decision.
It also brings parents into the fold to support the student’s career journey.


For Students

  • Discovery through experiences
  • Focus on outcomes
  • Parent-student alignment
  • Stress-free decision making

For Schools

  • Helps in Brand building
  • Increases goodwill through word-of-mouth
  • Better retention post class 10th
  • Access to Indian and International Universities

The Scope Of Career Guidance 2.0


Colleges From 10 Countries


Scholarships in Different Countries


Courses In Different Streams

Grade wise Personalised
Journey for Students

Class 8th#

  • Acquire Life Skills
  • Explore Careers
  • Learning Styles
  • Shortlist Careers

Class 9th#

  • Acquire Life Skills
  • Know Your Personality
  • Know Your Intelligence Type
  • Shortlist Careers

Class 10th #

  • Acquire Life Skills
  • Finalise Subjects (Stream) & Career
  • Shortlist Countries

Class 11th #

  • Revisit Finalised Careers
  • Finalise Countries
  • Finalise Entrance Tests
  • Shortlist Colleges

Class 12th #

  • Finalise Colleges
  • Apply & Join College

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The Five Pillars Of
The Career Guidance 2.0

Different tools and aids across five categories for schools to enhance their students' learning experience

Scientific asssesments of the student’s interest, aptitude and personality to determine their optimum career choices

Psychometric Tests

  • Helps students identify their best suited career
  • Evolving algorithm to cater to emerging careers
  • Ideal for students of class 8 to 12

  • Technology that matches student’s intelligence type with suitable careers
  • Ideal for class 9 students to choose the right subjects for higher studies

  • Reveals a student's preference to study, concentrate and learn
  • Understanding of student’s emotional, sociological and physical needs
  • Ideal for students of class 9

  • Explores the basic driving motivators for the student
  • Matches career options to personality types
  • Ideal for students of class 9

  • Determines a student’s verbal, numerical, clerical, spatial and reasoning aptitude
  • Helps student choose their stream after class 10

  • Designed for students interested in pursuing humanities related careers
  • Determines the best suited subjects in humanities
  • Ideal for students of class 10

  • Designed for students interested in pursuing commerce related careers
  • Determines the best suited subjects in commerce
  • Ideal for students of class 10

  • Designed for students interested in pursuing engineering related careers
  • Determines the best suited field in engineering
  • Ideal for students of class 10
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26+ research tools supporting 12000+ colleges to help students plan their career goals

Research Tools

Students get all necessary information about the careers they are interested in and shortlist the ones that best match their aptitude and personality.

Information about different colleges in different countries made available for students to make informed decisions for higher education.

Students can see alumni career paths that match their profiles and interact with them to come to a decision.

The tool fetches the best suited colleges and the chances of admission in those colleges just by entering the student profile

The tool gives information about scholarships that the students can apply to based on their choice of country and college.

A meta search engine that gives the list of top colleges in rank wise order for a particular course and country.

This tool is used to find the list of careers best suited for specific interests and skill sets.

This tool helps students understand how competitive their profile is and their chances of admission for particular universities.

Expert career counsellors to answer all student and parent queries pertaining to career choices and academic routes.

Personalised Counselling
  • Experienced counsellors guide students on their career path
  • One-on-one counselling sessions for parents
  • Parent-student alignment achieved through counselling sessions

A unique platform to create a school alumni network where students can seek guidance from alumni

Alumni Guidance

Students can look at alumni profiles and take cues from their career paths.

Students can see alumni videos to get information about the pros and cons of a particular career path

Students can interact with alumni to clear their doubts and get tips for their chosen careers

Know More

A pool of representatives from top universities in India and abroad to connect with.

University Engagement
  • Students get exposure to top universities in India and abroad
  • Universities directly reach out to students through pre admission reviews
  • Schools directly engage with global admission teams through the platform
  • Exclusive scholarship offers made to students associated with Univariety
  • Schools can connect with University faculty and understand the learning process

The Functioning Of Career
Guidance 2.0 In Schools

Set-up & Activation

  • Profile creation
  • Launch sessions
  • Senior Staff training
Set-up & Activation

Career Guidance Curriculum

  • Quarterly implementation plan
  • Focus on Sessions and outcomes
  • Personalised counselling session
Career Guidance Curriculum


  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Counselling Calendar
  • 24X7 Chat Support

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Success Stories

Avani Sood
Avani Sood

Class 9 | Product: Promap

Prithvi Vijaykrishnan
Prithvi Vijaykrishnan

Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering | Product: GEM

Rianna Chattopadhyay
Nishanth Mandala

Class 12 | Product: ProMap



Univariety’s career guidance system is a sophisticated program backed by scientific research and logic that brings parents and students into one fold in the process of career planning. It is an intricate journey where, by crossing different milestones specific to each grade, students can have clarity and vision of their career goals.

The number of students scoring more than 90% in Grade-10 & Grade-12 have gone up almost 5 times in the last decade. So, a school is no longer differentiated by the number of 10-pointers or 9-pointers they produce. Alumni Success, Focus on Students' Future, Student Profile Building, Global Exposure are the credible differentiators for a 21st Century School. A holistic Career Guidance System enables all these for a School.

Univariety's Career Guidance System for School Students is not just about Counselling. It's a comprehensive program built on five core pillars - Psychometric Assessments, Research Tools, Personalized Counselling, Alumni Guidance, University Connect . All these pillars empower the student to discover career clarity through experiences. Book a Free Demo to know more about the Program.

A school can increase its student success rate by implementing a structured and comprehensive career guidance program for students. With Univariety's robust system through which students are given proper guidance at the right time, a school often reaps its benefits for a long time. We are proud partners of over 350 career focussed schools across the country.

Career counselling for school students is extremely important. It helps students reduce stress induced by indecisiveness and the academic pressure that they face in high school. Career counselling helps them choose the right career path.

Visit our contact us page and drop in a query. Our team will reach out to you and schedule an online career counselling session with an expert counsellor.

A career counsellor is an expert who guides students and parents towards the right career path by using both traditional and modern counselling techniques.

Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions in a student's life. One must seek professional career guidance before choosing the right career. Students can Book A Session with an expert counsellor and schedule an appointment accordingly.

Univariety is India's largest career guidance and alumni management platform. It's 5 pillar approach is built to cater to all the needs of students, parents, schools, universities, counsellors and alumni. The pillars are: Personalised Guidance, Research & Knowledge Tools, Alumni Guidance, University Guidance, and Psychometric Assessments. Univariety's unique programs and products have helped over 1,50,000 find their dream career.

We have two packages for our Career Guidance System for Schools - Expertise & Explore package. Pricing Model for both the packages include a One-time Setup & Integration Fee & a Per Student Per Year Guidance Fee. These fees are at a different level for each package such that the school can choose the one that suits their budget.