Class 8th & 9th #

Discover your strengths

  • Choose the right curriculum
  • Identify strengths & weaknesses
  • Find your passion & interest

Class 10th #

Create a career roadmap

  • Follow an ideal curriculum
  • Choose subjects for 11th
  • Match interests with career goals

Class 11th & 12th #

Set college admissions goals

  • Finalise college and course
  • Improve admission chances
  • Create a backup plan

Undergraduate #

Post-college roadmap

  • Create a career-ready profile
  • Scope of the chosen specialisation
  • Explore internships

Ready to begin your journey towards success? Explore

Ready to begin your journey towards success? Explore

My Journey

Pranav Raghavan

When I was applying for my UG admissions, I was completely clueless about which course to pursue or which universities to apply to. Univariety helped me through it all - starting from my visa to college applications. It was great to have an objective set of eyes to guide me and get me into the university of my choice. I would highly recommend the college admission guidance provided by Univariety to all my juniors who are unsure about which career path to pursue and how to achieve their goals.

Pranav Raghavan

University of California
Jain International Residential School, Mumbai, Class of 2015

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How Can Univariety Help You?

Self Exploration & Skill Building
Self Exploration & Skill Building
  • Discover your unique abilities
  • Define your career goals
  • Build a stellar profile with new skills
Personalised Guidance
Personalised Guidance
  • Talk to your career counsellor
  • Learn about your career prospects
  • Create a roadmap to your goals
Critical Career Insights
Critical Career Insights
  • Learn about career deep-dive
  • Compare and choose your ideal college
  • Get support for admission abroad

Student Stories

  • ChallengeSubject selection after class 10
  • Univariety’s ObservationDrishti had a strong academic profile and was pursuing several co-curricular activities. She was unable to determine her strengths and interests to decide her subjects after class 10. This of course was leading to stress and confusion.
  • Univariety’s SolutionWe recommended The Subject Selector to help Drishti figure out the right direction. She took the final decision on her choice of subjects after class 10 basis her personality and interests. In her words, “I could discover the real me and make up my mind about which subjects to choose.


  • Identified subjects based on personality & interests
  • Finalised Medicine as a stream
  • Went ahead with the selected subjects with full confidence
  • ChallengeCourse and college selection abroad
  • Univariety’s ObservationSanya was an all-rounder who aspired to journalism abroad. She sought clarity in picking the right course-college-country combination. A clear perspective and a sound profile could enhance her chances multifold.
  • Univariety’s SolutionSanya enrolled in GEM - Go the Extra Mile services for her bachelors. This helped her choose the perfect combination as well as the laborious admission procedure. Post completing UG, she came back to get support for her PG as well.


  • Secured admission in Cardiff University for BA in Journalism Media and Cultural studies
  • Secured a dual degree program from London School of Economics and University of Southern California
  • A stress-free international admission experience
  • ChallengeUnclear about career options, seeking clarity on the path to choose.
  • Univariety’s ObservationAnaaya is a brilliant girl who was having difficulty in finding a clear career path. She had a strong vision to achieve and reach great heights. She had the fear of public speaking and wanted support to boost her confidence to reach her goals.
  • Univariety’s SolutionPromap was suggested for Anaaya. An impressive profile with the balance of involvement and exposure into multiple arenas would be effective for her. Having been in the commerce field, insights on global admission trends and exposure to extracurricular activities that aid her field of study could make her profile stand out. A bold and prominent profile consisting of a variety of student interests, skills and expertise will definitely highlight her potential.


  • Got to explore constructive fields of finance, entrepreneurship, management and innovation
  • Received detailed reports on potential career opportunities for a well informed decision
  • Developed self-confidence and improved public speaking skills

Student Insights

How Univariety's counselling sessions have helped students make informed career decisions.

Student Insights


Students finalised their course & country

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What Students Say About Us

Rianna Chattopadhyay
Rianna Chattopadhyay

Class 12, Jamnabai International School, Mumbai

Nishanth Mandala
Nishanth Mandala

Class 10, Oakridge International School, Hyderabad

Avani Sood
Avani Sood

Class 10, National Public School, Bangalore


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Career Counselling is the process of guiding people in making informed choices regarding career and academics. At Univariety career counselling is backed by scientific assessments and logic which determines the best suited career path for a student based on their passions, interests and personality. It also aligns the goals of parent and child in a way to fulfill the student’s career goals.

Studies show that 85% of the working population is unhappy at their jobs. The main reason behind this is that most people fail to choose their best suited career path at the right time of their lives. Career counselling helps students in making the right career decisions at the right time. Students go through a journey of identification, realization and finally take a decision that is ideal for them.

The first step to career exploration is identifying the student’s aptitude, interest and personality. Career assessment tests act as tools of self-exploration, awareness and the fundamental point of reference for career counselling.

Univariety’s career guidance system is a sophisticated program backed by scientific research and logic that brings parents and students into one fold in the process of career planning. It is an intricate journey where, by crossing different milestones specific to each grade, students can have clarity and vision of their career goals.

Career counselling for school students is extremely important. It helps students reduce stress induced by indecisiveness and the academic pressure that they face in high school. Career Counselling helps them choose the right career path.

Visit our contact us page and drop in a query. Our team will reach out to you and schedule an online career counselling session with an expert counsellor.

A career counsellor is an expert who guides students and parents towards the right career path by using both traditional and modern counselling techniques.

Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions in a student's life. One must seek professional career guidance before choosing the right career. Students can Book A Session with an expert counsellor and schedule an appointment accordingly.

Univariety is India's largest career guidance and alumni management platform. It's 5 pillar approach is built to cater to all the needs of students, parents, schools, universities, counsellors and alumni. The pillars are: Personalised Guidance, Research & Knowledge Tools, Alumni Guidance, University Guidance, and Psychometric Assessments. Univariety's unique programs and products have helped over 1,50,000 find their dream career.

Univariety's Career Guidance System for School Students is not just about Counselling. It's a comprehensive program built on five core pillars - Psychometric Assessments, Research Tools, Personalized Counselling, Alumni Guidance, University Connect . All these pillars empower the student to discover career clarity through experiences. Book a Free Demo to know more about the Program.