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Who is an IAS Officer?

IAS is one of the most prestigious and popular career choices in India. It is a good choice for many aspirants who want to make a career in the government sector. Though, it is one of the toughest competitions in India and one needs meticulous studying, preparations and training.

The IAS officer’s job is to manage various administrative matters of the government. This includes framing government policies and advising ministers on different, important issues. An IAS officer also looks into maintaining law and order, supervising policy implementation, collecting revenues. In addition, they also supervise expenditure of public funds as per rules of financial propriety and managing daily affairs of the government.

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Duration: 3 - 5 Years

Fee per course/annum: Rs.1 Lakh - Rs.3 Lakh Per Annum

Career Prospects

What Are The Career Prospects Of An IAS Officer?

Being an IAS officer is a very rewarding job, both financially and socially. As an IAS officer, you will be responsible for maintaining law and order. You will also have to look into different issues that the citizens face and be able to help the government - both Central and state - to frame the right policies to tackle the issues effectively. And it is a profession that is held in a lot of respect and admiration. Also, with the monetary compensation, the job comes along with several perks and privileges that no other job has to offer. 

In fact, it is a diverse career choice with quite a wide range of opportunities to choose from. For an IAS officer, there are a number of employment choices. You can either choose to serve as a Minister’s Personal Secretary in the Central government. An IAS officer can also be appointed in autonomous organisations, PSUs, subordinate organisations, United Nations organisations, international institutions, like the World Bank, IMF, Asian Development Bank. For example, Asian Development Bank can offer an IAS officer a chance to work in multilateral organisations like WTO, SAARC, Commonwealth, International Court of Justice, etc.

In general, the Government of India recruits the IAS officers and provides them jobs. These are the following career prospects for an IAS officer:

  • An IAS Officer takes an oath to serve anywhere in India or abroad. Either under the Centre or the State government. 
  • An IAS Officer can also be recruited in autonomous organisations, PSUs, subordinate organisations, United Nations organisations, international institutions, like the World Bank, IMF, Asian Development Bank.

Jobs & Salary

The field of administration and being a part of the Indian government is quite both rewarding, challenging, and one of the most coveted jobs. To be able to work for the advancement of the people of India is motivation enough for several aspiring candidates. 

Any aspirant dreaming to become an IAS Officer can take a look at the below job profiles:

Sub Divisional Officer

He/she is responsible for several development activities in the sub-division. The job of a Sub-Divisional Officer is to coordinate the various departmental work.

Divisional Commissioner

 He/she is the coordinator of all activities linked with the general administration including law and order, development administration at the divisional level, and revenue administration.  

District Magistrate/District Collector

The District Magistrate’s job is to run the administration of the entire district smoothly. The job of a District Collector is the responsible collection of revenue from the district.

Cabinet Secretary

He/she acts as the Chief coordinator of the various ministries and departments in the Central government. Mainly, the Cabinet Secretary is the common link between the political system and the civil services of the country.

Chief Secretary

The Chief Secretary is the chairman of coordination committees that are there to resolve interdepartmental disputes. He/she also acts as the advisor to the secretaries on inter-departmental issues. 

An IAS Officer enjoys several perks and benefits apart from the salary and the respect earned. In particular, the basic pay of an entry-level Officer is Rs.56,100 per month and it increases with experience. Also, the basic pay of a Cabinet Secretary is Rs.2,50,000 per month.

Pros & Cons

  • Being an IAS Officer is very rewarding. Besides the monetary gains, there are many perks and privileges associated with the job that not many professions can offer.
  • An IAS Officer has the opportunity to serve a society that can be immensely satisfying.
  • The job commands high respect from the citizens and there is a sense of pride and prestige that comes with the role.
  • Being an IAS Officer, one will have to closely work with the politicians in India that come with a different level of responsibility.
  • This role involves a lot of work pressure and it is not an easy profession. Being accountable for everything can be stressful.
  • Often, IAS Officers face political pressures. Both, from politicians and people with vested interests.
  • Frequent transfers to even remotest places can be disappointing.
  • An IAS Officer may also have to deal with corruption at different levels.

Famous Personalities

Vinod Rai

Padma Bhushan winner Vinod Rai is a former IAS officer who also served as BCCI chairman. He was also the 11th Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG). Initially, he started his career as a sub-collector of Thrissur. He became a popular face after his phenomenal role in exposing big corruption scams such as Coal-Gate Scam, Delhi Commonwealth Scam, 2G Spectrum Allocation Scam and more.

Armstrong Pame

This 2010 batch IAS Officer is also called the ‘Miracle Man’. Notably, he is the first IAS officer from Nagaland's Zeme Tribe. He is famous for building a 100 km-long road called ‘Peoples’ Road’ that connects Nagaland to Manipur and Assam. That too, without receiving any help from the government. This road was built using public donation and his own salary. In fact, he was conferred with India’s Most Eminent IAS Officer Award in 2015.

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